Take Home An Island Friend

Hermit Crabs are availbale for purchase in-store.

  • More Shells Please!

    Hermit Crabs like to switch shells, epescially as they grow and get bigger! Make sure to provide your friend with lots of options for their next home! New shells should be larger and the opening should be as large as your hermit crabs largest pincher.

  • Squeeky Clean- 2x A Week!

    Provide your crab with plenty of water but don't forget to bathe them twice a week! Submerge them in room temperature water for 30 seconds and allow them to air dry twice a week.

  • Take Home More Than One!

    Hermit Crabs are social creatures and can be quite entertaining in pairs. Think about giving your new friend a friend!

  • Maintain The Island Atmosphere

    Hermit Crabs thrive in a temperature of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit and like a warm and humid climate.

  • Food For Thought

    Hermit Crabs need a lot of calcium so it is best to serve their food in shell dishes and only provide them with premixed specialty hermit crab foods to ensure they are getting all that nutrients they need.

  • Space To Play & Climb

    Provide your crab with plenty of space to crawl, play and climb! Use wood or coral to promote climing in their habitat.

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