Low Maintence Air Plants

  • Light

    Air Plants require bright, indirect light. The higher the humidity in the room (bathroom, kitchen, ect.) the more light is needed! If your room lacks widows, you can use artifical florencent light, however, your air plant will require more light using florencet bulbs.

  • Water

    Water is the hardest part about maintaining an air plant. Air Plants can be water every 2 weeks by soaking them in room temperature water for 5-10 minutes or by misting them throughly. If the leaf tips turn brown, that means your plant needs more water!

  • Flowering

    Air Plants only flower once in their lifetime, and they can last from a few days to a few months. After the plant flowers, it will enventually die. Flowering marks the peak of their life cycle. During this flowering cycle, your plant will produce buds that can becomre more air plants!

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